3 Ways I Would Share My Lottery Winnings

Sharing Hand

I do not plan on keeping all of my lottery winnings for myself.  My goal is to bring others along with me for the ride when I win the lottery.  After I have consulted a lawyer and an accountant, I would share a large part of my lottery winnings in three ways.

  1. Distant family And close Friends

    Since family comes first, they would get 1/3 of my lottery winnings. The money would go to the heads of the household for anyone not in my immediate family.  I will place 1/3 of my winnings in a trust that will pay out my family monthly.  Having payments come from a trust would be a stipulation for receiving a share of my lottery win.  The trust would specify the amount of money each family member would receive.  The trust would also specify when they will receive the payments.  I do not want people to line up at my doorstep for a paycheck.  A trust will pay all those who share in my lottery winnings. I do not want my distant family members to know that the money has come from me.

    A courier would notify my friends that they have inherited money from a trust. I do not want my friends to know that this money has come from me. If they find out that the money comes from me then they would feel in debt to me for the rest of their life.  If my friends feel uncomfortable around me because of my lottery win, I may not be able to keep these friends.

  2. My Church and Affiliated Nonprofit Organizations

    My church and any nonprofit organization that I am affiliated with would receive 1/3 of my winnings.  This list would also include any nonprofit group that I was a part of in the past.  I would include only the organizations that I was a part of first since I know these organizations.  The list will also include a few organizations that I researched.

  3. Immediate Family

    My Immediate family would be sharing 1/3 of the lottery winnings with me.   So I would receive 1/2 of 1/3 of the lottery winnings.   My immediate family members would receive the other half of 1/3 of the lottery winnings.