Dream Big

We all have big dreams.  These big dreams may not include winning the lottery.  Our dreams could be succeeding at school, starting a family, or opening up a business for first time.  These dreams make us strive a little harder wherever we are in life.  They make us want to become better versions of ourselves.  They give us hope when we are down and out.  These dreams make us believe that we will overcome the barriers life puts in front of us.

For some of us, we achieve our dreams with very little effort.   People who seamlessly make their dreams happen, most of us envy their grit and fortitude.  Why can’t we succeed in life like they have succeeded?  When we ask this question to ourselves, we often look for a shortcut.  Often that shortcut may be playing the lottery to win the big jackpot.  There is nothing wrong with playing the lottery to win the big jackpot.  Spending a dollar or two  on lottery tickets to keep the dream alive gives us hope through the week.  This hope gets us through the dreary days and sleepless nights.

We too can succeed at life.  All we have to do is to take small steps in the right direction to achieve our goal.  But while we are taking these small steps, we need to refuel and reward ourselves a little.  This reward could be treating ourselves out to a special meal.  We can also reward ourselves by taking a walk in the park or by sharing our dream with a friend.   It is important to make it so our rewards costs next to nothing.  When our reward costs very little, we do not lose the valuable resources needed to make our dreams come true.

We also need to share our dreams with our friends and loved ones.  When someone else knows, they hold us accountable.  How many people can you tell about your dream?  For most people, there are only a few people they can tell their big dream.  Why aren’t there more dream support groups?  Places where people listen to your dream and encourage you to accomplish your dream.  There are many people who have dreams that can easily be accomplished but lack the support.  The first step is to find someone to talk to about your dream.  The easiest place to look is in our own family.  The second place we should look for support would be our friends.

Inspiration for achieving our dreams come in many different forms.  It could come from something that you read on the internet, your children playing, or waking up another day with the ability to make it all happen.   Inspiration for me sometimes come by playing the lottery.  When I play the lottery I often dream big.  Sometimes my problems in life seem smaller when I buy a lottery ticket.  Although I know money can not make me happy.  Being in need of money definitely makes me unhappy.  I do not put all of my hope in the lottery.  But I do put a significant amount of hope in my dreams.  Playing the lottery is a tool to make many of my dreams come true.

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